Blue Flower




The Patrick Mint 1976 Indian Head #233D pop 2,000 These tokens are the last of the original old style tokens, like those from the Civil War. These are no longer available, nor is the manufacturing facility, as it burned down and took most of the dies with it several years ago. Get them while they last, most runs were only 1,000. There are over 1100 different merchants, commemoratives and mavericks from this run available collectors. The Patrick Mint has been minting products since 1957 and has proven to be of very high quality in the collector's market. You will find their products on ebay selling at a premium to original selling price, from tokens to silver art bars, all very nice products.

Jesse Patrick still operates The Patrick Mint and made us the following nice 1/2 ounce pure copper tokens:



     2015 Writer's Contest Token                              pop. 500                                           pop. 500

                    Side 1                                              Side 2A                                             Side 2B


We are very pleased with the results - Our Thanks goes  to Jesse.